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My new book, A Mother’s Secret, is out on April 7th!

My new book, A Mother’s Secret, is out on April 7th! And it is available to pre-order now!


Here’s what it’s about ….

What if you discovered that everything you knew about yourself was a lie?

When pregnant Jaya loses her mother, then her baby son Arun in a tragic cot death, her world crashes down. Overcome by grief and guilt, she begins to search for answers – to the enigma of her lonely, distant mother, and her mysterious past in India.

Looking through her mother’s belongings, she finds two diaries and old photographs, carrying the smoky aroma of fire. A young boy smiles out at Jaya from every photograph – and in one, a family stand proudly in front of a sprawling mansion. Who is this child? And why did her mother treasure this memento of a regal family lost to the past?

As Jaya starts to read the diaries, their secrets lead her back to India, to the ruin of a once grand house on a hill. There, Kali, a mad old lady, will unlock the story of a devastating lie and a fire that tore a family apart.

Nothing though will prepare Jaya for the house’s final revelation, which will change everything Jaya knew about herself.


A Mother's Secret cover

About renitadsilva

Renita D'Silva loves stories, both reading and creating them. Her short stories have been published in 'The View from Here', 'Bartleby Snopes', 'this zine', 'Platinum Page', 'Paragraph Planet' among others and have been nominated for the 'Pushcart' prize and the 'Best of the Net' anthology. She is the author of 'Monsoon Memories','The Forgotten Daughter', 'The Stolen Girl', 'A Sister's Promise', 'A Mother's Secret' and 'A Daughter's Courage'.

4 comments on “My new book, A Mother’s Secret, is out on April 7th!

  1. Gatha on said:

    Thanks for launching new book A Mother’s Secret..

  2. Helen Spencer on said:

    I have been lucky enough to read a proof copy of ‘A Mother’s Secret’ and have already posted my feedback to Netgalley. Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing and beautiful piece of writing. I feel a better person for having read it and being immersed in its many characters.
    I enjoy reading about all the exotic foods within the chapters of your books and would love to see a future book include some recipes as an addition at the back. Having never been to India or tasted anything other than the food prepared by my local Indian takeaway I would love a chance to taste some of what I have read about.

    • renitadsilva on said:

      Dear Helen, Thank you SO much for this beautiful message! It is nerve-racking waiting for initial feedback but this lovely message has made my week. Thank you! I will definitely take your suggestion on board and include some recipes in my next book. Also, my second book, The Forgotten Daughter, does have some recipes in one of the character, Shilpa’s sections. Thanks again. You have made my day and week special. Hope you have a good week too.

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