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My new book, The Girl In The Painting, is out now!

My new book, The Girl In The Painting, is out now!

‘LOVE LOVE LOVED this fabulous novel… I couldn’t put it down… Stunning and beautifully written… Will transport you through time and across the world from England to India… Highly recommended.’ NetGalley reviewer

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Here’s what it’s about:
India, 1926: English Margaret arrives with her new husband Suraj at his family home, set amidst beautiful rolling hills, the air filled with the soft scent of spices and hibiscus flowers. Margaret is unwelcome, homesick and lonely, but her maid Archana, a young woman from an impoverished family, reminds her of her long-lost sister, a tiny glimpse of home in a faraway place.

As Margaret and Archana spend more time together, an unexpected friendship blooms. But in British India the divide between rich and poor, English and Indian, is wide, and the clash between Margaret’s modern views and the weight of tradition on Archana will lead to devastating results…

England, 2000: When Emma’s grandmother gives her a mysterious painting, and asks her to take a message of forgiveness to an old friend in India, Emma is relieved to have some time and space to make a decision about her future. But as she fulfils her grandmother’s wish, a secret kept for over seventy years is finally revealed – the story of a day spent painting by a stream full of water lilies, where a betrayal tore three lives apart forever…

Perfect for fans of Kathryn Hughes, Lucinda Riley and The Storyteller’s Secret, Renita D’Silva’s exquisite novel explores the strength it takes to do what is right, no matter the cost.

What readers are saying about The Girl in the Painting:

‘Beautifully written… I loved this story, and would 100% recommend this to anyone… Really emotive!’ Hannah Writes Reviews, 5 stars

‘Wonderful book… The love and betrayal faced by Margaret and the loneliness and despair faced by Archana is beautifully conveyed leaving me teary-eyed at many stages.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Oh boy, this book did not disappoint. The story was so well thought out, intricate and full bodied. At the end of the first chapter, it leaves you with a question from one of the characters, that you want the answer to. That was me hooked right till the end… You get such a sense of each character, and your heart breaks for both of them… It just engrosses you, so you go on the journey with them… Side note, grab your tissues… I can’t recommend this book enough. Renita is such a talented writer, and a great storyteller.’ jth books, 5 stars

‘Lovely. Touching. Affecting… Her writing and plotting are so strong… Wonderfully descriptive. You feel as if you have been transported… A compelling story of how actions can have ramifications that go past your lifetime… Touching… Heartrending… I loved this book.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Wonderful.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Highly recommend… 5 stars out of 5.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Like a much-desired gift and more… Her characters live long after the reader finishes the book… Unforgettable… 5 shining stars.’ Stories Before the Night, 5 stars

‘Amazing tale… I loved it.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Brilliant book… A story with many layers… Compelling.’ Goodreads reviewer

‘Another wonderfully written book by one of my favourite authors. Her stories and the characters within them always touch my heart… An emotional tale of love, friendship, motherhood, rejection, loneliness, sacrifice and betrayal.’ Little Miss No Sleep, 5 stars

The Girl In The Painting

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Renita D'Silva loves stories, both reading and creating them. Her short stories have been published in 'The View from Here', 'Bartleby Snopes', 'this zine', 'Platinum Page', 'Paragraph Planet' among others and have been nominated for the 'Pushcart' prize and the 'Best of the Net' anthology. She is the author of 'Monsoon Memories','The Forgotten Daughter', 'The Stolen Girl', 'A Sister's Promise', 'A Mother's Secret' and 'A Daughter's Courage'.

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